Our Services

Pandora Calibration Services Ltd (PCSL) proudly stands by its mission, vision, and values that serve as an inspiration to its employees working continuously in pursuit of excellence.


Temperature Calibration, Pressure Calibration, Mechanical Calibration, Electrical Calibration, Weight Calibration, Torque Calibration, Vacuum Calibration, Surface Thickness Calibration, Power Calibration, Dimensional Calibration, Electronic Calibration, Humidity Calibration, Scale Calibration, Autoclaves Calibration etc.

Research and Development

Quality Development & Technology Development:- Pnadora Calibration Servies ltd. (PCSL) has actively played its part in development of new quality parameter establishment and development of lab management systems. Research and development recommendations made by Pnadora Calibration Servies ltd. (PCSL) have been implemented by the industry on a regular basis.


We can perform temperature mapping of equipment such as fridges, freezers & ULT freezers, environmental test chambers and stability chambers, incubators, ovens, furnaces & cold stores, autoclaves, etc. With years of experience in multi-point temperature, we produce fast and accurate temperature mapping results.

Consultancy and Training

The primary objective of training is to encourage learners to make a difference with their workplaces by improving industrial measurement capability,