PCSL is a leading laboratory organization in Bangladesh (Founded in 2020). It is based near Industrial areas. A team of skillful engineers (with 10+ years of experience) works at PCSL to ensure clients satisfaction.


“One stop solution” – This is what our customer’s want, what they need, and it is what we provide. We listen to you and make every effort to provide the services that you need to satisfy your business requirements. This is what has made PCSL the foremost laboratory in Bangladesh.


(a) To assess the needs of scientific and industrial community on a continuous basis, and accordingly identify focus areas for Research and development.

(b) To generate technology and process improvement related knowledge for the benefit of industry, environment and public at large.


(a) Integrity, accountability and clients confidentiality.

(b) Attention to issues of domestic and global relevance.

c) Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.

(d) An unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise.